People at the helm of affairs

People are the real-force behind SRK Products Pvt Ltd sustained growth and success. SRK Products Pvt Ltd is led by its managing directors, who have been steering the company into a respectable position in the market.

Mr. Sreekanth, Managing Director

Mr. Sreekanth – a second-generation entrepreneur with an engineering qualification – is “credited with steering company’s growth during the last 10 years or so”. It was under his leadership that SRK Products Pvt Ltd transformed itself into a major player across the state of Karnataka. A shrewd strategist, Mr. Sreekanth has been instrumental drawing out innovative plans to enhance SRK Products Pvt Ltd foothold in the market.

Mr. Girish, Deputy Managing Director

Mr. Girish – also a second-generation entrepreneur with an engineering qualification – has been an able ally to Mr. Sreekanth in improving quality and product innovation. He has brought in a fresh perspective to company’s “production, quality control, logistics, and marketing approach. Overall, his contribution to improving the company’s value-system has been precious.

Production, Administrative and Marketing Staff

As much as its director’s dynamism and leadership, SRK Products Pvt Ltd., Production Team, Administrative Staff, and more importantly Marketing Team has equally been pivotal to its emergence and growth as one of the leading companies in the food and personal care segment.

Production is entrusted to a team of skilled floor workers, line supervisors, quality controllers, and highly qualified quality manager. The significance of such coordinated production team is that it makes quality possible.

Administrative activities are run by qualified staff, accountants, and experienced administrative manager. The worth of such capable office personnel is that it makes administration activities smooth and efficient.

SRK Products Pvt Ltd., is promoted and represented by a team of live-wire marketing professionals, comprising front-line Sales Representatives, Team Leaders, and Area Sales Manager. The importance of such result-oriented professionals is that it helps galvanize sales and promotion.

For us ‘Reaching out to the people’ means to ‘Reaching out to the hearts of people’