Samrat Dhania/Coriander Powder

Samrat Coriander Powder has all the essential traits that a supreme brand of coriander powder should possess – spicy flavor, consistent thickness, hygienic, and more importantly nutritional value. The whole process starts with the selection of premium coriander seeds, which are ground to consistent thickness in the most hygienic and automated grinders at our modern food processing unit. The powder so generated is packed in tamper-proof & aroma-retention container so that it retains its flavor, taste and texture for long.

Health Benefits:

In addition to its aroma, taste, and texture, coriander powder is also known to lower blood sugar and reduce oxidative stress, increase insulin secretion from pancreas, reduce toxin-level in internal organs, and preventing nervous damage from stress-related injury. Samrat Coriander Powder, being a supreme blend of taste and medicinal qualities, effectively carries all medicinal properties. Therefore, Samrat Coriander Powder is not just a culinary ingredient to spice up your cuisines but also a medicinal herb.

For all these exclusive qualities, Samrat Coriander Powder is fast becoming a preferred choice of housewives, hoteliers, and culinary experts. Thus, opting for Samrat brand of coriander powder would indeed be a wise choice.