Samrat Chilli Powder

Samrat Chilli Powder is an exceptionally aromatic, tasty, and bright chilli powder that can spice up your favorite culinary recipes. These quality attributes are derived from superior breeds of dried red chillies (‘guntur’ and ‘byadagi’), which are acclaimed not just for their singular taste but also a host of medicinal properties.

Samrat Red Chilli Powder is ground in the most hygienic and automated grinding machines at its modern food processing unit. The end product is offered in special tamper-proof & aroma-retention container so that it retains its aroma, taste, and texture for long.

Medicinal Value:

Besides its matchless aroma, taste, and texture, Samrat Chilli Powder is also verified to have vitamin A, which is essential to maintain your eyesight as you age as well as to keep your bones, teeth, skin, internal membranes and reproductive systems healthy; vitamin C, which helps to minimize the risk of heart disease, strengthen your immune system, and heal injuries fast; minerals that contribute to body’s balanced growth; and carbohydrates, calories, fat, fiber, and protein in requisite proportion.

For all these right reasons, Samrat brand of red chilli powder is making rapid strides in domestic as well as external chilli powder market. Thus, opting for Samrat’s brand of red chilli powder would indeed be a wise choice.