Samrat Papad

Samrat Udad Papad is the typical udad papad that has captivated your taste buds for years. Premium udad flour, rice flour, salt, papad khara, hing, longi mirchi, and refined oil go into making the necessary dough, which is fed into the most hygienic and mechanized papad-maker. Therefore, you get to have consistent, wafer-thin, circular papads that can be fried or heated into crispy, bubbly, and delicious papads.

Apart from being an inseparable complement with traditional meals, Samrat Udad Papad can also be the right snack to spice up any occasion. Samrat’s Udad Papad tastes even more delicious when served with green chutney, or sauces. Another form enjoying it is by garnishing lightly with a combination of finely chopped onions, fresh coriander leaves, green chilli, and a dash of garam masala powder.

Nutritional Value:

Known more for its crispy and captivating taste, Samrat Udad Papad does have nutritional elements that instantly revitalize body and mind. Significant of those nutritional elements are energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and calcium. To help you savor it fresh and pure, it is offered in food-grade poly covers.

Because of its authentic taste, nutritional value, and packaging quality, Samrat Udad Papad can easily be your choice of Udad Papad.